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Washoe County Medical Society

What is the Washoe County Medical Society?

The Washoe County Medical Society is a non-profit entity incorporated in the state of Nevada. The Washoe County Medical Society is commonly referred to as “WCMS”.

The Washoe County Medical Society serves as a primary source of health related information, we seek to educate our members and the citizens of Northern Nevada. We strive to maintain the highest standard of ethics and medical care throughout our community.

As a professional organization, we shall nurture these goals by cooperating with the American Medical Association, the Nevada State Medical Association, and other County Medical Societies and Alliances in the state of Nevada.


Group Health Insurance for WCMS Members and Affiliates

If you are in a group with 2-50 full-time employees, your clinic is eligible for an association health plan when all the physicians in your group are members of WCMS. To join individually, go here. If you wish a group invoice, contact Wendy Rodriguez, [email protected] or 775-825-0278, who will help you enroll and process multiple membership applications.

Washoe County Medical Society (WCMS) active and affiliate members now have access to health insurance benefits through Prominence Health Plan that includes several different medical plan options offered with a composite rating structure. Open enrollment begins June 1 with benefits effective July 1 and Aug. 1. New members to WCMS may enroll their groups as soon as their membership applications are approved and payment is received.

Health benefits include Teladoc telemedicine for 24/7 health access via telephone or video from physicians and behavior health specialists, plus the Prominence provider network extends throughout the state, in both city and rural areas for convenient and ample coverage to quality care.

Dental care, vision plans, and life insurance are also available through Kansas City Life.

For more information click here

For more information about association health plans for your office practice, contact your local insurance broker or reach out directly to Prominence at [email protected] or via our Prominence account manager [email protected].

Member Spotlight:

Financial Challenges For High Earners During a Biden Administration

With one of the most contentious elections in history behind us, President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. took office on January 20, 2021

With a new administration, high earners especially are left wondering - how will the Biden presidency affect me financially

Until Biden begins enacting changes, we won’t know for sure what to expect. But based on his official campaign platform, past interviews, and projections, we can begin preparing for potential challenges to high earners.

Joe and Eric Hollen Open Studios

Challenge #1: Expect Higher Taxes

Much of Biden’s tax plan focuses on raising taxes for high earners, corporations, and capital gains. It’s estimated that approximately 80 percent of tax increases would affect the top one percent of income earners.1

For those earning over $400,000 annually, Biden is projected to raise taxes including individual income, capital gains, and payroll taxes.2 Households with an adjusted gross income of $400,000 a year or less will likely see less dramatic tax changes, if any changes at all.

Under Biden’s proposed tax plan, corporate tax rates are expected to rise to 28 percent, up from the current 21 percent. Additionally, he may set a minimum tax of 15 percent on shareholders’ profits and increase the taxes on foreign earnings of companies overseas.3

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Coronavirus Resource Center

NSMA's C-19 page, in an effort to prepare and protect our state, our providers, our patients, and our staff members from COVID-19, it is important that each of our members have access to telemedicine technology to use with their patients. For latest information on COVID-19 Please Click Here



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