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Washoe County Medical Society
Bayo Curry-Winchell, M.D.

Dear Members,

Advocating for our patients is key to our mission at WCMS.  Our patients, especially elderly who no longer drive, may have difficulty accessing services that they qualify for.  They can get access to services by having appropriate ID, and a voter registration card can serve as that ID.

Vote ER provides a way for you to register your patients to vote, and therefore have ID giving them access to services.   WCMS is partnering with Vote ER to help you be that connector.

Please direct any questions to Wendy at [email protected].  Thank you for considering this program!

Bayo Curry Winchell
WCMS President

Get Started with a Vot-ER Badge

Badge User Guide

The ultimate Vot-ER badge guide for both beginners and  seasoned users.

Conversation Starters

Learn how to spark nonpartisan, engaging conversations about voting with patients.

Track Your Impact

See how many voters you or your team have helped!

Training Video Library
Watch training videos about how to talk to patients about the power of their vote.