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Washoe County Medical Society

We Made It Better Together

Jay K. Morgan WCMS President

By Jay Morgan, M.D., 2020 WCMS President

I’m honored to have served as president of WCMS. While this has been a challenging year, we have made it “Better Together” via numerous zoom meetings, and collaborations in defeating the challenges of COVID.

While this has been a difficult year for many reasons. We were especially touched by the loss of colleagues and friends in the Alliance. We were saddened by the deaths of:

WCMS Members

Shazi Mathew, MD, PhD
Michael Morkin, MD
Stephanie Reinhardt, MD
Lex Simpson, MD
Paul Sheykhzadeh, MD


AWCMS Members

Ruth Anne Kelly
Jean Mullins
Eva Rosenauer
Mary Yamamoto

I’m extremely proud to be part of this medical community. We all need moral support in challenging times and we all could use a good mentor. This year has taught me many lessons, especially concerning the need for organized medicine.

The COVID pandemic also has struck us hard. I congratulate my colleagues who are treating their patients; especially those with COVID, with unwavering commitment. Staying the course is taking extraordinary stamina and dedication while striving to maintain some level of family connection and care for our loved ones.

The strength of WCMS and its members is sustaining us through this crisis. One of the bright spots is the increased participation of the younger generation of physicians who are bringing new energy and ideas to the association. I’m excited and proud to be working with these young physicians. They are the future of organized medicine and our profession.

Presenting a unified front to our community increases our ability to have a necessary voice in health care. And with the upcoming legislative session, it is imperative that we are heard in order to keep our doctors in Nevada.

I want to thank the 2020 board and committee chairs who have provided leadership and support through this tough year. We’ve adapted in many ways necessary to keep WCMS strong and growing. Many of you are continuing to serve, which is of great benefit to the society.

Retiring from the board are Jake Blake and Reed Dopf, II. Thank you, Jake for your service.

And special thanks to Reed and all the other former presidents who have been supportive during my tenure. Special thanks to Ron Smith and Kevin Murphy and all our directors, board and committee chairs and members who volunteer their time.

Sincere appreciation to Mary Ann McCauley and Wendy Hernandez for keeping the ship upright.

And of course, I thank Sherry Morgan, who so often is my lifeline when I get lost at sea.