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Washoe County Medical Society

Nevada Physician Workforce Summary

By Mary Ann McCauley

The Physician Workforce in Nevada:

A Chartbook ( summarizes and ranks the vital metrics about our practicing physicians in the state.

The summary reports that there are 7,388 physicians (MDs and DOs) active licenses in Nevada. However, only 6,765 (79.4%) physicians were actively practicing. In 2021, 5,200 (70%) were located in Clark County, 1,694 (23%) in Washoe County, 192 (3%) in Carson City and 302 (4%) in the state’s 14 rural counties.


Some of the highlights showed that in 2021:

  • Washoe County had 353.5 active physicians per 100,000 population in 2021.
  • Nevada 45th for active physicians per 100,000 population, 48th for primary care physicians per 100,000 population, and 49th for general surgeons per 100,000 population.
  • Nevada ranks 8th among U.S. states with 76.9% of physicians completing both UME and GME in Nevada and are actively practicing in Nevada.
  • Nevada ranks 41st for the number of residents and fellows per 100,000 population.
  • Nevada ranks 33rd with 32.2% of active physicians who are aged 60 or older.

Sources for the data in this report includes:

  • Nevada state licensing boards.
  • American Medical Association’s (AMA) physicians workforce master file.
  • Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Area Health Resource File (AHRF).
  • American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) State Physicians Workforce Data Book for the calendar year 2020.
  • Population estimates from the Nevada State Demographer’s Office (2021) were used to calculate per capita rates.

The full report is available at the link above.