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Nevada POLST Program

Our webinars will get you up to speed and clarify the important points of the Nevada POLST Program.

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What is POLST?

The Provider Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) requires a conversation between a patient and their medical provider to determine what level of medical treatment, based on the patient’s values, goals, and medical issues, the patient wants towards the end of life. This information is then used to complete the POLST form, which is both an actionable medical order and legal document to be honored in all settings.
Nevada POLST has been adopted in most all healthcare facilities throughout Nevada.

Who Should Complete a POLST

POLST is intended for those near the end of a life-limiting illness or the very frail elderly. If a patient is unable to express their wishes themselves, they may have a representative or surrogate complete a POLST for them.
A POLST does not replace an Advance Directive, it supplements and enforces it.

The Form

Go through the Nevada POLST form section by section, learning how to present the choices and assure a valid completion

Legal Aspects

The Nevada POLST is both a legal document and a medical order. Be sure you understand what is expected.


The POLST program has been in use since 1994. Find out when Nevada got involved.