I wish to go to Titleist to get new golf gear Morgan

Morgan make a wishI wish to go to Titleist to get new golf gear

Morgan, 15. Ewing’s sarcoma

Morgan’s medical journey began in April 2016 when he suffered from a collapsed lung. After multiple tests, doctors realized that he was battling cancer as well. Due to his condition, Morgan, 15, was no longer able to play team sports, so he grew to love golf.

When Morgan had the chance to choose a wish, all of his ideas revolved around his passion for golf. One wish that stood out above all the rest to him was to go to Titleist Performance Institute in San Diego to get custom golf gear. Make-A-Wish revealed to Morgan earlier this year that his wish was being granted in July.

Morgan’s wish experience at Titleist was everything he could dream of and more. Morgan was able to get an experience just like the pro’s as he was fitted for custom clubs and received a golf fitness evaluation. During the times that treatment was taking a harsh toll on his body, Morgan was able to focus on his wish, and he will always remember the time that his heartfelt wish came true.

Thank you to Western Nevada Supply for sponsoring Morgan’s wish and to Titleist for making his wish a reality!

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