Get Involved as a University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Community Faculty Member

By Dr. April Heiselt, Director, UNR Med Office for Community Faculty
By Dr. April Heiselt, Director, UNR Med Office for Community Faculty

A community faculty member is a local healthcare leader with extensive experience healing patients in a hospital, private practice, or rural setting. They may also be retired from medical practice. These industry leaders volunteer their time to assist in training future physicians at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine (UNR Med).

Community based faculty are one of UNR Med’s most important assets. They share their knowledge, skills and abilities with our students in a wide variety of practice environments. Perhaps more importantly, they present our students with a holistic view of medicine. Over the years, students have come to depend on community faculty for real-world perspective and to provide mentorship guiding them to successful careers as physicians.

UNR Med’s curriculum reflects the depth and breadth of these community-based partnerships. From patient exam rooms to the lecture halls of the medical school, community faculty provide unique learning opportunities for our learners throughout medical school and graduate medical education.

Community faculty can get involved in activities that take a short amount of time, like participating in our applicant Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) or serving on the UNR Med Admissions Committee. Community faculty can also volunteer in the Student Outreach Clinic which provides free health care to the medically uninsured. Or, they can demonstrate a “Case of the Week” where first- and second-year students integrate basic science content into the practice of medicine with a weeklong clinical case.

There are also opportunities to advise UNR Med student groups or participate in our medical specialty roundtables as well as summer research and clinical opportunities. As students move on to their third and fourth years, community faculty serve in clerkship teaching and elective development for students to gain clinical experience as well as direct students through rural rotations. Community faculty also train medical residents.

There are several ways to engage with UNR Med, and we encourage you to get involved. If you are a practicing physician or retired healthcare professional, please consider this an official invitation for you to participate. Community faculty are always welcome, so no matter what your availability, we can find a way for you to share your talents with the next generation of physicians.

If you are interested in becoming a UNR Med community faculty member and would like to learn more, please visit the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine’s Office for Community Faculty website at or contact the Office for Community Faculty at (775) 682-8390 or

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