Your community looks to you to help prepare for disasters even though those of us who have not served in the military or who have not specialized in emergency medicine have little or no training in disaster medicine.  We are very capable of evaluating the individual patient with an urgent or emergent problem, however, caring for large numbers of ill or injured patients often mixed among the “worried well” with limited available resources may prove to be much more difficult.

The following web sites are local plans that have been developed addressing Washoe County disaster planning.

(List of local web sites)

Washoe County Emergency Operations Center web page with information on Washoe County disaster preparedness.

Federal website with information on community disaster preparedness.

FEMA website with link to information on protecting our communities.

Red Cross website with links to training and volunteer opportunities.

Article on medical first response to bioterrorism.

Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity of the CDC is an effort to provide timely and relevant information to clinicians regarding public health threats including disasters.

An Institute of Medicine report on modification of standards of care during disasters when there are large numbers of ill or injured and limited resources.

CDC’s Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) has large quantities of medicine and medical supplies to protect the American public if there is a public health emergency (terrorist attack, flu outbreak, earthquake) severe enough to cause local supplies to run out. Once Federal and local authorities agree that the SNS is needed, medicines will be delivered to any state in the U.S. in time for them to be effective. Each state has plans to receive and distribute SNS medicine and medical supplies to local communities as quickly as possible.

The CHEMPACK Program is an ongoing initiative of CDC’s Division of Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) launched in 2003, which provides antidotes (three countermeasures used concomitantly) to nerve agents for pre-positioning by State, local, and/or tribal officials throughout the U.S. The CHEMPACK Program is envisioned as a comprehensive capability for the effective use of medical countermeasures in the event of an attack on civilians with nerve agents. The Enterprise CHEMPACK program would build upon the existing system, improving it by adding an education, training, and exercise component and by optimizing the pre-positioning of antidotes.

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