Belonging is Essential to a Healthy Lifestyle

swanger-ronaldAs humans we have a need to belong. Psychologists, anthropologists and other professionals who study us have concluded that strong relationships increase our capacity to manage stress and cope with the world around us. Personally, the relationships I’ve built as a member of WCMS are among the key reasons I’m an active member. These relationships help sustain me when balancing family, work and my pursuit of a master’s degree clash.

We are at the end of our 2018 dues renewal period, which means that some of you are about to leave the WCMS family. This causes me to reflect on what it means to belong to WCMS. Whatever your reason for not renewing, I ask you to think about what you are leaving behind.

Your Voice is Heard in Carson
You will be missing opportunities to engage, have your voice heard on issues critical to your practice and the support of your physician colleagues. For example, consider the legislative accomplishments of the NSMA and WCMS. These are just four of more than 200 health-related bills introduced that we made certain our members’ voices were heard.

  • Eliminated the most onerous recommendations in AB474.
  • Enabled your RN or MA to refill medications using your electronic prescribing system in collaboration with the Board of Pharmacy.
  • Defeated a Board of Health regulation that would fine physicians $25,000 for failing to report a patient with cancer to the cancer registry.
  • Secured a veto of an insurance company bill that would balanced balance billing and cap fees for out of network health care services.

Free CME Programs
WCMS and NSMA in collaboration with UNR Reno School of Medicine and Renown held the first of four CME programs in February. We presented some of the best practices in place to address compliance with AB474. These CME programs are presented at no cost to our members.

Networking Events
We held the first of four social events in January when we kicked off our year with the annual inaugural dinner. Many of our members tell us that this is one of the best professional networking events. Planning is underway for a family event in August at Bartley Ranch, plus two smaller gatherings.

Community Education
We are partnering with our three medical centers to host free patient education programs. On April 17 WCMS members Drs. Ali Nairizi and Denis Patterson are presenting “Non-opioid Treatments in Pain Management” with Advanced Pain Management and Northern Nevada Medical Center. May 16 WCMS and Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center are presenting WMCS member Dr. Devang Desai who will discuss cardiac care in the elderly.

New Web Site
By 2nd Quarter we will have launched our new web site and database opening even more ways in which you can connect with your colleagues and make your voice heard. The new database links NMSA, WCMS and CCMS enabling you to update your profile and search the database for colleagues when needing some advice or referring a patient. You’ll even be able to renew your dues on-line.

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